Without End (remix) featuring P.O.S and Tom Morello

November 14, 2016

Video directed and produced by Doug Helmick, along with animation and motion design by Chelsea Jones and Uppercut Studios. Track mixed/mastered by Justin Francis.

‘Without End,’ both the song and this video, is a continuation of our band’s mission to speak truth to power. Black Lives Do Matter! The refugee crisis is a result of the war-hawk culture of DC and these are human beings we should have empathy towards! Climate change is REAL and we must begin the argument over solutions instead of continuing to give space to the rhetoric of deniers. The rights of the LGBTQ community deserve to be respected! Women deserve equal pay and the right to control their own bodies! This is 2016, not 1956, when America was, in fact, not so great.

Our history will not be written by Donald Trump. It is important for us to speak out and organize when the future of fear and bigotry that he projects is not the one we believe in.

We are honored that Tom Morello and P.O.S have contributed to this track. Their collective history of using their art to challenge the status quo speaks for itself.


WITHOUT END (remix) featuring P.O.S and Tom Morello

TRACK #1: Without End (remix) featuring P.O.S and Tom Morello
TRACK #2: Without End (P.O.S remix)
TRACK #3: Without End (demo)
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