New Website and Store!

June 27, 2011

Hello friends!

We’ve made a few changes…


After 8 years with our previous design, we’ve decided to make the switch!

All Anti-Flag and A-F Records news can now be found on a single home page, which means less hassle for those interested in both. And if you only want to browse a particular subject, we have included the option for you to arrange all news posts by category on the right menu.

Speaking of which, we have also included the option to change your language here. This will instantaneously translate the entire website for you, sans images, without even a single page refresh.


We have a brand new store as well, and to celebrate we’re offering EVERYTHING at 10% off! Just type in NEWSTORE when it asks you for your coupon code, and the deal is yours! Hurry though, because offer is available for the day of June 27th 2011 only!


The forum changes are going to take a little longer to implement, but we didn’t want to hold off on launching the new website! Please know that your concerns have been noted, and that we are slowly going to be pushing the forum in a new direction that will be more encouraging of participation, activism, and communication with us. (Anti-Flag)

Everything else is quite self-explanatory, but hit us up at the Contact page if you have questions! We’re planning of adding lots of stuff to the site, so stay tuned!