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Good afternoon

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#21 JohnWayneWasANazi


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Posted 26 January 2010 - 10:22 PM

View PostLittle GoGo Dancer, on 26 January 2010 - 07:00 PM, said:

Haha, I've got a couple freshies in my math class, unfortunately they're all smartass overachievers.
I have a few sophomores in my math class, but that's just because pretty much everyone here is at least 1 year ahead in math. And I prefer smartass underachievers. My kind of people.
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#22 steenie


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Posted 27 January 2010 - 05:27 AM

View PostAlex, on 26 January 2010 - 06:48 PM, said:

freshman - year 9
sophomore - year 10
junior - year 11
senior - year 12

i honestly thought that sophomore n junior were the other way around.
so yr 8 doesnt count as high school then?
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#23 Dopamino


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Posted 27 January 2010 - 03:02 PM

Nope, it's junior high/middle school.
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#24 Cagekun


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Posted 29 January 2010 - 03:09 AM

Greetings :greetings:
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#25 ahipalkdu


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Posted 04 December 2011 - 02:32 AM

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#26 ahipalkdu


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Posted 04 December 2011 - 02:33 AM

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#27 ahipalkdu


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Posted 04 December 2011 - 02:34 AM

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#28 All Dead

All Dead

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Posted 24 December 2011 - 04:51 PM

View PostNICKxSUTTON, on 06 June 2009 - 12:45 PM, said:

ok punk by the book. which is a FUCKING OXYMORON YOU DUMB PIECE OF SHIT. you need to go brush the fuck up on your local black bloc. you probly live out in the woods somewhere

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