December 20, 2017

The mission of the Trump regime has been clear from day one, the normalization of bigotry. Dangerous rhetoric has become dangerous policy that has put countless in harms way. It is the responsibility of all to be on the side of the marginalized and scapegoated and that is the goal of the aim of the Silence=Violence Tour.

No longer can we allow people to sit on the sidelines in the fight for social and economic justice. Inaction makes you complicit. If oppressed people demanding space and dignity in our society is what is making you uncomfortable, perhaps it is because you are a bigot or fascist? We must spread empathy, not apathy. Our aim is to do that at every show we play across the US.

Our society can maintain a status quo of violence and hatred, go back to masking that same hatred and violence in neoliberal wrapping paper, or forge a new society that is inclusive, egalitarian and just for all. It is our optimistic view, even in these dark times, that the latter is within reach.

Each band on this tour is predicated upon an ethic of caring about more than just themselves. To carve out a few hours in a day, in each city, where we can be comfortable in our own skin… free from racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, islamophobia, bigotry of any kind… this is not an opportunity that any of us tread upon lightly. We’re excited to throw these small celebrations of unity in hopes that it can leave all that attend with a sense of community and organization that will help fuel our collective ability to create positive change and leave things better than we found them.

Anti-Flag, Stray From The Path, The White Noise, Sharptooth

1/16 Detroit, MI – Magic Stick
1/17 Chicago, IL – Bottom Lounge
1/18 Minneapolis, MN – Amsterdam Bar & Hall
1/19 Lawrence, KS – The Granada
1/20 Denver, CO – The Summit
1/21 Salt Lake City, UT –Metro Music Hall
1/23 Boise, ID – Knitting Factory
1/24 Seattle, WA – El Corazon
1/25 Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theater
1/26 San Francisco, CA – Slim’s
1/27 Santa Ana, CA – Constellation Room
1/28 Los Angeles, CA – Troubadour
1/30 San Diego, CA – SOMA
1/31 Phoenix, AZ – Club Red
2/02 Austin, TX – Mohawk
2/03 Houston, TX – Walters
2/04 Dallas, TX – Gas Monkey Bar & Grill
2/06 Atlanta, GA – Masquerade
2/07 Nashville, TN – Exit/In
2/08 Cleveland, OH – Grog Shop
2/09 Pittsburgh, PA – Mr. Smalls
2/10 Washington, DC – U Street Music Hall
2/11 New York, NY – Highline Ballroom

With every tour we do, we want to try to find a way to make it about more than just songs or records or a T-shirt or a band… bringing peta2, A Voice For The Innocent, and Love Hope Strength along on this run is an extension of that idea.

Like all Anti-Flag tours we will have a slew of other organizations tabling at each show, but to have these three organization committed to the entire tour is a great privilege for all of us involved in the Silence=Violence tour. To have a space for the culture’s consistently changing conversation on sexual assault and sexual violence, to have a space for the conversation about the ethical treatment of all living things, to have the space for a conversation on ways the people at the show can literally help save folks lives, is 100% what we believe punk rock should be about.


“YOU’RE FIRED!” video

April 5, 2017

Video edited and animated by Chris Fafalios.
Live footage filmed by Dillon Flowers of Grey Fox Live.

“Live Vol. 1” available now!
LP: http://a-frecords.limitedrun.com/prod…
MP3: https://anti-flag.bandcamp.com/album/…

EUROPE TOUR KICKS OFF NEXT WEEK! http://www.anti-flag.com/tour-dates/

“VICTORY IS PEACE” Art Exhibition Opens 2/12 in Munich

February 10, 2016


“VICTORY IS PEACE” opens at the Positive-Propaganda exhibition space in Munich this Friday, Feb. 12.

Original artworks will be on show by the internationally renowned street-artists and activists Shepard Fairey (US) and NoNÃ…ME (EU). Anti-Flag’s Justin and Chris #2 will be performing acoustic at the exhibition opening Friday.

On Saturday, Feb. 13, at 7:00pm an artist talking will take place at Café Jasmin in Munich’s Maxvorstadt district. Justin and Chris will also be performing acoustic.

Spaces are VERY LIMITED for both the acoustic performance at 8pm Friday and the artist talk/acoustic set on Saturday at 7pm, so please pre-register by sending an e-mail to talk@positive-propaganda.org if you wish to attend. The final names will be drawn via raffle. So others have a chance to attend, please apply for either the show opening or the artist talk.


Positive-Propaganda will be selling very limited edition screen prints to coincide with the show. The print is signed by Shepard, NoNÅME, Chris #2, and Justin Sane.  For info on how you can get a print click here.


For more info on VICTORY IS PEACE please visit Positive-Propaganda.org



August 21, 2014

Anti-Flag at Pukkelpop 2014. Justin Sane discusses Michael Brown shooting, and “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot!”

Much respect to our Brothers and Sisters in Belgium, and around the globe who stood with us in solidarity of Michael Brown. The whole word is watching!


And also much respect to Münster’s Mayor, Markus Lewe, who we were able to meet with during the “Regen In Münster” benefit that was curated by our friends at Uncle M and presented by ANTIfest. The message was heard in Münster as well!


A-F Records and Anti-Flag have released a newly recorded version of “Police Story” to benefit Michael Brown Jr. Memorial fund. Stream / download / donate at: a-frecords.bandcamp.com

Stop Police Brutality! End Police Militarization!


August 7, 2012

Photo (c) Chris Noltekuhlmann, www.cnphotography.de

Anti-Flag have raised funds directly from two recent shows in Hamburg and Berlin to benefit Pussy Riot.

On July 31st Anti-Flag held a benefit show in Berlin, Germany, at Cassiopeia with bands Radio Havanna and Smile and Burn. The show sold out within days of being announced. In addition to donating proceeds, the band along with participants from the crowd penned letters and words of encouragement that will be sent to Pussy Riot. In a symbolic show of unity and solidarity, Anti-Flag and the crowd at Cassiopeia donned balaclava masks, a trademark of Pussy Riot.

The venue, Cassiopeia, also generously pledged to donate a portion of the nights income to Pussy Riot.

Days before, on July 29th Anti-Flag played Knust in Hamburg, Germany, and donated two euros from every ticket sold, as well as collected additional donations at the door.

While raising funds is central, the band’s aims are also to advance awareness of Pussy Riot’s struggle and to defend free speech.

On June 20th, 2012, Anti-Flag released their cover of Pussy Riot’s ‘Virgin Mary, redeem us of Putin’ in order to raise awareness.

The Song is available via http://soundcloud.com/antiflag/punkprayer

Three members of Pussy Riot -Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Maria Alekhina, and Yekaterina Samutsevich – were detained by the Russian authorities for performing their protest song ‘Virgin Mary, redeem us of Putin’ in Moscow’s Christ the Saviour Cathedral on 21 February 2012. The three have been charged with “hooliganism” under Article 213 of the Russian Criminal Code. They are currently on trial and if found guilty, they could be jailed for up to seven years.

Anti-Flag condemns the Russian authorities abuse of power and calls for the immediate release of Pussy Riot.

For more information please visit www.freepussyriot.org

Attn: Germany! SHOW CHANGE. Anti-Flag will now be playing Hamburg July 29th!

July 25, 2012

Due to issues out of our control, Anti-Flag will NOT be performing at Force Attack festival. Instead of taking the day off we have decided to turn a negative into a positive and continue to try and raise awareness for Russian activists Pussy Riot with a special show in Hamburg DE.

plus special guests
29.07. Hamburg – Knust
Einlass: 19:00 Uhr – Beginn: ca. 20:00 Uhr
Tickets: 12,00 Euro (2,00 Euro will be donated to Pussy Riot legal defense)

Additional donations and/or care packages are welcome and will be forwarded.

Tickets can be purchased online at: http://retail.ticket-web.de/knust/?gotoperformance=2255


Aufgrund von Ereignissen, die außerhalb des Einflussbereichs der Band liegen, werden ANTI-FLAG nicht auf dem Force Attack Festival am Sonntag spielen.

Statt einen Tag frei zu machen hat die Band beschlossen, etwas Positives aus dieser Situation zu machen, und mit einem Konzert in Hamburg weitere Aufmerksamkeit für die Russland inhaftierten Pussy Riot zu generieren.

plus special guests
29.07. Hamburg – Knust
Einlass: 19:00 Uhr – Beginn: ca. 20:00 Uhr
Tickets: 12,00 Euro (2,00 Euro gehen als Spende an den PUSSY RIOT Verteidigungsfond)

Weitere Spenden und/oder Geschenke für z.B. deren Kinder sind willkommen und werden von uns weitergeleitet!


March 8, 2012

Hello Friends!
OUR NEW VIDEO IS HERE! We shot the video for “This Is The New Sound” a couple of weeks ago at the Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, OH – the same place The Shawshank Redemption was filmed. The AMAZING folks at Amnesty International USA are debuting the video today at www.amnestyusa.org/antiflag

The National Defense Authorization Act makes it more likely that anyone–including you–could be held indefinitely without charge or fair trial. You could be like Shaker Aamer. He’s been held by the US government at Guantanamo for over 10 years without charge or fair trial, despite the British government’s request that he be released to his wife and children in London. Like all people held without charge by governments around the world, he should be charged and fairly tried or released. The right to a fair trial protects all of us from abuse.

“The erosion of human rights should always be taken seriously. We wanted to find a creative and clever way to introduce these ideas into the discourse about our new record “The General Strike”. This video is
a culmination of that idea, yea, maybe we’ll talk about how funny it is to see puppets beating the hell out of us, but we’ll also discuss the idea that people are being held in prisons without fair trials, and the promise Obama has made to shut down Guantanamo Bay has yet to be fulfilled.” –Anti-Flag

Amnesty International and Anti-Flag have worked together on a number of important causes, taking campaigns on tour with the band in the United States and overseas, and now they have teamed up together to speak out against indefinite detention with Amnesty International premiering the new video.

“The passage of the NDAA represents a further erosion of human rights in the United States and we are excited to be partnering with Anti-flag to help get this message out to a wider audience.” Tom Parker, Policy Director for Terrorism & (Counter)terrorism and Human Rights for Amnesty International USA

Take action now at: www.Amnestyusa.org/NDAA

In addition you can also find information about (NDAA) and sign the ACLU’s petition HERE.

Keep fighting the good fight! (And keep an eye on those puppets in Washington and beyond…)



About The Seattle Show

September 4, 2011

“Why must we riot?

Why must we protest?

Just to be heard by the world?”

The above lyrics come from the Anti-Flag song “Seattle Was A Riot”, which was written in solidarity with the protestors who came out to the streets to voice their disapproval of the WTO in 1999.  Oddly enough, the lyrics unknowingly would foreshadow events to come, as an alternative method of being heard would present itself in this very city.

In 2006, Anti-Flag reached out to U.S. House Representative Jim McDermott to warn the public about depleted uranium, which was (and still is) being used on ammunition shells in Iraq, despite evidence to suggest that it causes birth defects.  You will recognize McDermott as the voice that does the spoken-word in the Anti-Flag song “Depleted Uranium Is A War Crime.”

Even today, Jim McDermott continues to fight the good fight,  voting “No” on the spending cuts compromise that took place last month:

    Rep. Jim McDermott (D – WA) says he plans to vote against the compromise proposal to raise the nation’s debt limit and cut spending.
    . . . .
    “There’s no question we have to raise the debt limit. The question is, what do we do as a part of that process? They’ve added stuff in this language that goes with lifting the debt limit that I think in the long run puts us into a serious problem,” McDermott said. “You cannot reduce the deficit in this country without looking at additional revenue.”
    . . . .
    He’s the first member of the state’s delegation to publicly oppose the bill.

Read More

And in 2010, following the BP oil spill, McDermott introduced the Gulf Coast Restoration Act:

    “We have now learned twice–both in the wake of the Exxon Valdez spill and in cleaning up this disaster–that oil companies will never hold themselves accountable for their mistakes,” Rep.  Jim McDermott said. “It’s going to take Congress and the Administration to force oil companies to do their fair share. This bill will both help clean up the Gulf and provide a much-needed infusion of jobs into the region.

Read More

Of course, there’s too much to cover in a single entry, but you’re encouraged to check out Jim McDermott’s entire voting record here.

And if you’re from the Seattle area, you may want to contact Jim and let him know how you feel about his work so far.

Keep active, and have fun at the show tonight.   It will surely be a riot!

A Little About The Owen Sound Show

August 25, 2011

You may already be aware that the August 25th show in Owen Sound is in celebration of the 5th anniversary of Union Rocks, a progressive organization that promotes fairness in the workplace.  But do you know why the issue is so important in 2011?

What is a union?

The idea behind unionization is to allow employees to have a say over their work conditions, benefits, and wages.  Unfortunately, these rights have been slowly taken away since the 1980s, largely in part due to a wave of Reaganomics and Thatcherism that swept over the United States and the UK, respectively.  The impact has been felt worldwide. These theories were very popular with the rich, as they endorsed allowing business owners to act in their own interests, without impediments.

However, the ideas were also sold to the poor on the basis of “trickle down economics”.  Essentially, the claim was that by allowing the rich to accumulate more wealth, businesses could make more investments, be more successful, real wages of employees would increase, and everyone would benefit in the long run.

Why are unions needed?

Despite the claims, weekly earnings in the United States began to drop most significantly in the 1980s and continued to drop since then, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Details Here.
Wages have been adjusted for inflation.

As societies become more productive, average real wages should increase at a similar rate.  This has not happened, and as time goes on, more and more of the country’s wealth is being disproportionately accumulated at the top.  Even the most prominent Reaganite will admit that trickle down theory most directly benefits those with a lot of money first.

We are now in a crisis.  It is no secret that the economy in the United States (and around the world) has been having some trouble, and many people, some under the banner of the “Tea Party” are proposing cost cutting measures to lower debts.  Unions are important in making sure that those who will suffer most from the downward economy, the working class, are not left behind.

What happened in Wisconsin?  Why should I care?

Perhaps most significant of these cost cutting measures took place in Wisconsin when Governor Scott Walker attempted to take away collective bargaining (union) rights away from public employees, including teachers.  This, he claimed, would reduce costs, and fewer people would need to be “let go” in order to save money.

It sounds good on paper, until you realize that the union workers accepted that they would need to also make some sacrifices in the troubled economy.

“We know these are tough times and we have made it clear to the governor and legislators that we are prepared to do our part to help our state recover. This isn’t about protecting pay and benefits – it’s about protecting the right to collectively bargain. That’s what’s being stripped away here – the rights to be represented,” President of the Wisconsin Education Association Council Mary Bell said.

Read More

Though thousands of union activists took the streets and protested, the bill to reduce collective bargaining still passed.  It’s alarming, as it represents a trend of using a downward economy to strip away the rights of workers that their parents fought so hard for.

Paul Krugman, Keynesian economist offers insight into what this is really about:

. . .Mr. Walker isn’t interested in making a deal. Partly that’s because he doesn’t want to share the sacrifice: even as he proclaims that Wisconsin faces a terrible fiscal crisis, he has been pushing through tax cuts that make the deficit worse. Mainly, however, he has made it clear that rather than bargaining with workers, he wants to end workers’ ability to bargain.

. . . .

Why bust the unions? As I said, it has nothing to do with helping Wisconsin deal with its current fiscal crisis. Nor is it likely to help the state’s budget prospects even in the long run: contrary to what you may have heard, public-sector workers in Wisconsin and elsewhere are paid somewhat less than private-sector workers with comparable qualifications, so there’s not much room for further pay squeezes.

So it’s not about the budget; it’s about the power.

In principle, every American citizen has an equal say in our political process. In practice, of course, some of us are more equal than others. Billionaires can field armies of lobbyists; they can finance think tanks that put the desired spin on policy issues; they can funnel cash to politicians with sympathetic views (as the Koch brothers did in the case of Mr. Walker). On paper, we’re a one-person-one-vote nation; in reality, we’re more than a bit of an oligarchy, in which a handful of wealthy people dominate.

Given this reality, it’s important to have institutions that can act as counterweights to the power of big money. And unions are among the most important of these institutions.

Read Krugman’s Full Thoughts

What is the solution?

If this sounds at all concerning to you, you can  find more about unionization here:


Also be sure to check out the Union Rocks website if you’re Canadian:


Let us know what you think and if you will be attending/attended the show in the comments.