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“YOU’RE FIRED!” video

April 5, 2017

Video edited and animated by Chris Fafalios.
Live footage filmed by Dillon Flowers of Grey Fox Live.

“Live Vol. 1” available now!
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Anti-Flag “Live Vol. 1” AVAILABLE NOW!

January 20, 2017

DIGITAL: https://anti-flag.bandcamp.com/album/live-vol-1

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Anti-Flag “Live Vol. 1” LP

December 1, 2016

Anti-flag live vol 1 LP images

Recorded over the course of 3 special evenings at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, CA, “Live Vol. 1” spans the entire Anti-Flag catalog. “Live Vol. 1” is set for release on 01/20/2017 (also the day Donald Trump takes office.)

North American LP pre-order is available from A-F Records here: http://a-frecords.limitedrun.com/products/582968-anti-flag-live-vol-1-lp-mp3

UK / EU LP pre-order is available from Little Rocket Records here: https://daniel-baker-cbra.squarespace.com/config/pages/574ea1b6356fb0bb014d321c

The Anti-Flag “Live Vol. 1” LP release is limited to 750 pieces, 120 on translucent purple (for A-F Records record club subscribers only) and 630 on random color vinyl. LP purchase includes a photo insert as well as an instant digital download via email (delivered on release date.) front cover

1. The Press Corpse
2. You’d Do The Same
3. Fabled World
4. Born To Die
5. You Are Fired
6. Fuck The Flag
7. Broken Bones
8. Death Of A Nation
9. Their System Doesn’t Work For You
10. Drink Drank Punk
11. Tearing Everyone Down
12. Brandenburg Gate
13. Die For The Government 

Anti-Flag respond to Ferguson Grand Jury’s decision

November 25, 2014
In the wake of the Grand Jury’s decision in Ferguson, MO, NOT to indict officer Darren Wilson, Anti-Flag and A-F Records have responded by offering their recently released compilation of protest songs (This Concerns Everyone) as a donation incentive towards funding the Ferguson Legal Defense Fund.  The album is available for digital download for a minimum of $1 from the label’s bandcamp page.  All proceeds from the bandcamp donations will go directly to the Ferguson Legal Defense Fund.

Download link to “THIS CONCERNS EVERYONE” on bandcamp:  https://a-frecords.bandcamp.com/album/v-a-this-concerns-everyone-af067
Link to the Ferguson Defense Fund: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ferguson-defense-fund

We urge everyone to get involved.  

Justin Sane has released the following statement: 

“Another unjust outcome from an unjust system.  Jim Crowe didn’t die in the 1960’s, it just took on a new form.  And the lessons that America should have learned from the Rodney King incident went right over the country’s head.  

In the many years of struggle against racism in the U.S., there is still much work to be done.  The U.S. legal system is a microcosm of a wider society that discriminates against people who are not white, a society that is drowning in an epidemic of police violence against people of color.  In incident after incident, excessive force and murder by American police is used as an on the job tool.

The case of Michael Brown is not the exception, it is the rule.  This is why people are angry.  This is why people are burning police cars.  This is why protestors in Chicago are chanting at mounted police, “Get those animals off of those horses.”  
Erick Holder’s involvement and the grand jury indictment hearing yielded no justice.  The judgement sheds light on the lack of justice in the legal system — a system that is held up as a system of justice but is designed to hurt and oppress those who lack power in it and benefit those who have crafted it.  The “justice system” didn’t work so the only outlet where people feel as if they have any means to gain a hint of justice is to rage in the streets – be it with a sign, chant, rock or burning police car.  

If you don’t understand the anger of people who are outraged by the grand jury’s decision then you live with an entitlement that others don’t have the luxury to experience.  It’s long past the day that America take a long hard look in the mirror regarding race (and wealth inequality), but most Americans refuse to do so.

This isn’t just about Michael Brown…  It’s about every single person who has been abused and murdered at the hands of a racist, out of control gang of thugs, who operate with impunity…thugs called The Police.

                                                                                       Peace, Love, Unity
                                                                                     – Justin Sane XOXO, Anti-Flag

Chris #2 covers “What Did You Learn In School Today?”

November 4, 2014

IT’S ELECTION DAY IN THE USA! To celebrate, we’ve premiered Chris #2’s version of Pete Seeger’s “What Did You Learn In School Today.” The song appears on the upcoming compilation of protest songs: “THIS CONCERNS EVERYONE.” Stream it, pass it around, and don’t forget to VOTE!


Pre-Order “THIS CONCERNS EVERYONE”: http://a-frecords.limitedrun.com/products/532098-v-a-this-concerns-everyone-lp-mp3






August 21, 2014

Anti-Flag at Pukkelpop 2014. Justin Sane discusses Michael Brown shooting, and “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot!”

Much respect to our Brothers and Sisters in Belgium, and around the globe who stood with us in solidarity of Michael Brown. The whole word is watching!


And also much respect to Münster’s Mayor, Markus Lewe, who we were able to meet with during the “Regen In Münster” benefit that was curated by our friends at Uncle M and presented by ANTIfest. The message was heard in Münster as well!


A-F Records and Anti-Flag have released a newly recorded version of “Police Story” to benefit Michael Brown Jr. Memorial fund. Stream / download / donate at: a-frecords.bandcamp.com

Stop Police Brutality! End Police Militarization!


August 7, 2014

Friends, we’re beyond stoked to be bringing you a BRAND NEW song with help from For the Love of Punk. “Close My Eyes” appears on the final volume of our “20 Years Of Hell” split 7-inch series with our friends Antillectual. Stream “Close My Eyes” Now:


Riot Fest Chicago and September shows!

August 1, 2014

Hello friends, we’ll be playing Riot Fest in Chicago on Saturday, September 13th! We’re also stoked to announce that we will be playing a couple shows around Riot Fest with our friends Restorations, Worship This!, and The Homeless Gospel Choir.

9/11/14: ANTI-FLAG with Restorations, The Homeless Gospel Choir, Somos, Vis-a-Vis
533 Park Street
Columbus, OH 43215

All Ages / Doors 7pm / On sale NOW!

9/14/14: ANTI-FLAG with Special Guest, Worship This!, The Homeless Gospel Choir
308 Main Street
Toledo, OH 43605

All Ages / Doors 7pm / On sale NOW!


Much Respect,


“A DOCUMENT OF DISSENT” Available now on CD and double LP!




Anti-Flag “A DOCUMENT OF DISSENT” best of album Out Now!

July 22, 2014
“A Document Of Dissent” is available NOW!

“A Document Of Dissent” released today, July 22nd, on Fat Wreck Chords is a collection of 26 tracks spanning the best of the last 20 years of Anti-Flag. This album gives anyone who has listened to Anti-Flag, old and new alike, a glimpse into the past and present, 9 full-length records, 6 record labels, and the countless shows and friends we have made along the way that have all shaped the history of our band.

Mastered by Mass Giorgini, “A Document Of Dissent” includes in-depth liner notes and a biographical timeline of our songs cross-referenced with world events — a bit of the history that inspired the songs we’ve written over the last 20 years.

ADOD is available on CD and vinyl as a double-LP gatefold from Fat Wreck Chords, A-F Records, or your local record shop:



A Document Of Dissent 2x LP + T-Shirt BUNDLE 



June 3, 2014

Yesterday was a big day for announcements!

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered up once again with our old friends at FAT Wreck Chords to bring you “A Document Of Dissent 1993-2013”, a collection of 26 tracks spanning the best of the last 20 years of our band! Check out the video below for more details on the release:

Since the announcement, we are now getting down to the last few records over at A-F Records! We only had 250 copies to give, along with the choice of getting a t-shirt bundle, and now have LESS THAN 100! Pre-order the special A-F color variant at:

Or you can visit www.FatWreck.com and pre-order the record there as well!


Aside from the announcement of ADOD, we also announced a couple east coast tour dates surrounding the release of ADOD! Check out the dates below, along with ticket links! If we’re coming to a city near you, come out to a show and bring the mosh!

July 18 – Stanhope, NJ – Stanhope House –http://ticketf.ly/1n4HAcw

July 19 – Amityville, NY – Revolution Bar –http://tktwb.tw/1wUT9Z1

July 20 – Boston, MA – Brighton Music Hall –http://bit.ly/1iLWSOY

July 21 – New York, NY – Central Park Summerstage (Acoustic) – FREE EVENT!

July 26 – Pittsburgh, PA – Rex Theater - http://bit.ly/1hs6Kmg