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September 4, 2011

“Why must we riot?

Why must we protest?

Just to be heard by the world?”

The above lyrics come from the Anti-Flag song “Seattle Was A Riot”, which was written in solidarity with the protestors who came out to the streets to voice their disapproval of the WTO in 1999.  Oddly enough, the lyrics unknowingly would foreshadow events to come, as an alternative method of being heard would present itself in this very city.

In 2006, Anti-Flag reached out to U.S. House Representative Jim McDermott to warn the public about depleted uranium, which was (and still is) being used on ammunition shells in Iraq, despite evidence to suggest that it causes birth defects.  You will recognize McDermott as the voice that does the spoken-word in the Anti-Flag song “Depleted Uranium Is A War Crime.”

Even today, Jim McDermott continues to fight the good fight,  voting “No” on the spending cuts compromise that took place last month:

    Rep. Jim McDermott (D – WA) says he plans to vote against the compromise proposal to raise the nation’s debt limit and cut spending.
    . . . .
    “There’s no question we have to raise the debt limit. The question is, what do we do as a part of that process? They’ve added stuff in this language that goes with lifting the debt limit that I think in the long run puts us into a serious problem,” McDermott said. “You cannot reduce the deficit in this country without looking at additional revenue.”
    . . . .
    He’s the first member of the state’s delegation to publicly oppose the bill.

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And in 2010, following the BP oil spill, McDermott introduced the Gulf Coast Restoration Act:

    “We have now learned twice–both in the wake of the Exxon Valdez spill and in cleaning up this disaster–that oil companies will never hold themselves accountable for their mistakes,” Rep.  Jim McDermott said. “It’s going to take Congress and the Administration to force oil companies to do their fair share. This bill will both help clean up the Gulf and provide a much-needed infusion of jobs into the region.

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Of course, there’s too much to cover in a single entry, but you’re encouraged to check out Jim McDermott’s entire voting record here.

And if you’re from the Seattle area, you may want to contact Jim and let him know how you feel about his work so far.

Keep active, and have fun at the show tonight.   It will surely be a riot!