20 Years Of Hell: Vol. IV Goes Live!

February 20, 2014

We have posted Vol. IV of our 20 Years Of Hell subscription series via the subscription website! This volume is a RAGER and includes re-recorded versions of “The WTO Kills Farmers” from ‘For Blood And Empire’, and “No Future” from ‘A Benefit For Victims Of Violent Crime’!  Those that have subscribed, can now download the songs on the subscription site, or you can stream “The WTO Kills Farmers” courtesy of our friends over at PureVolume.com!

US subscribers can expect their records in the mail starting next week. If you are not a subscriber, there’s still a chance to purchase a subscription in our ONLINE STORE! There are now LESS THAN 100 out of the 500 that were available! Subscriptions also give you access to exclusive content on the subscription site. Be sure to get your’s soon before they’re all gone!

Peace & Respect,